30 May 2017 Back to Blog
Nous vengerons nos pères

Samuel Safa worked on the musical composition for the project “Nous vengerons nos pères” (We will avenge our fathers), a documentary broadcast on Public Sénat, a French political and parliamentary TV channel.

Samuel Safa has again participated in a documentary: “Nous vengerons nos pères”, directed by Bernard Boespflug and Florence Johsua. Samuel wrote the entire original soundtrack for the documentary that will soon be available on his website. You can listen to the Main Theme on the Samuel SoundCloud page and listen to some extracts in the teaser below:

The documentary film “Nous vengerons nos pères” is the story of a group of revolutionary militants from the 1960s and 1970s seeking to avenge their families who were caught up in the horror of the Holocaust. The documentary has already been shown on Public Sénat, and may be available on other format later.

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