12 May 2016 Back to Blog

G4F is continuing to expand, and is now delighted to offer a new service: G4F Talents.

G4F Talents is designed to help artists throughout their professional career, and every artist in the G4F Talents team will benefit from numerous services:

  • Legal and Administrative Services

Our legal expert will use their detailed knowledge and expertise to assist artists, answer any questions and help them to negotiate contracts and the exploitation of works, etc….

  • Marketing Service

The artists will receive full marketing support and each “Talent” will have a designated artist page on the website. Our marketing team can also create making-of videos and interviews, take care of the community management and much more.

Visit our Services page to find out what G4F Talents can do for you.

The Talents will bring their particular skills to the team and their various areas of expertise will enable us to embark on a wide range of projects. New Talents will be joining the G4F team very soon!


Listen to the original soundtracks composed by the artists on our label website, G4F Records.

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